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Ever forward KazNU!



Well-known fact: "Association of Graduates" KazNU are working at the highest level.  No one would deny that every graduate from our university respect and proud of hisalma matter. As Proof of these expressionsI can say about the concert which was dedicated for graduates and was hold in the "Palace of Students" on the 28th of May. On this auspicious day, the best graduates of the KazNU returned to theuniversity walls and awarded with scholarships and gifts to different students. At the head of Kayrat Mami, the graduates expressed their gratitude to the university and shared the love totheir native shanyrak. I am convinced thatthis day will be remembered for a long time in the history of KazGUGrad. I express my thanks to the «Association of Graduates" KazNU. In the future, I wish them good luck, well-being at workand the "Association of Graduates" would be one of the main reasons in the prosperity of the University. Ever forward KazNU!


Qambatyr Ziarat