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Kazakh National University honor their traditions accumulated over the years!


Kazakh National University honor their traditions accumulated over the years!



The sixth "Day of the graduates" has remained in my memory for a longtime! I was leading this concert therefore I can`t describe those emotions I felt. When I was standing on the stage of the Palace of Students, I understood and realize the importance of this event, especially for the newly graduates of  KazNU. Personally, I am delighted by the fact that in our university people are studying with a whole dynasty, thus actually demonstrates the continuity of the generations. Watching over everything happening around me, I was pride of my university. I would like to note that during the 15 years of existence of the Association of Graduates, KazNU could become a unique platform for graduates of different years and the golden bridge between alumni and the University. Membership in the Association ensures unbreakable bond with the «Alma mater» and this ability gives always be aware of the current activities of the university.

      By tradition, each year the best students are awarded monetary scholarships of KazNU from the Association of Graduates. As for me, it was a great honor to receive a certificate for 100,000 tenge from the poet's hand, the socio-political figure of Kazakhstan, an outstanding graduate KazNU- Olzhas Suleimenov Omarovich. I am immensely thankful to my home university for the appreciation and reward to my active social student`s life. After the graduation, we will too fill up the ranks of graduates who are from different spheres and activities to help the formation of the KazNU as a global brand in higher education.


Madi Akhmetov

Date of publication: 6/10/2016