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Alumni Association of Kazakh National University named after Al-Farabi

     The purpose of the Alumni Association is to promote the activities of Al-Farabi Kazakh National University in the training of new formation and the establishment of mutually beneficial relations between the University and its alumni. KazNU Alumni Association helps graduates to keep in touch with the university and with other alumni via various activities, continuing education programs, online services, as well as special events for university graduates.


The mission of the Association

It is to strengthen the corporate spirit of all generations KazGU students in cohesion and social advancement of the graduates, their self-realization.

                The main objectives of the Alumni Association

          The first task - the formation of corporate culture of the graduates. To do this, continue to establish the Association branches in the regions and foreign countries. Every year, on the last Saturday of May, spending on university-wide Day of the graduate.

          The second problem - image support graduates. From public information sources will accumulate information about assigning graduates to positions of responsibility, to accumulate information about the graduates - business owners. In addition to this collection of information is supposed to graduates - representatives of the media, public figures, representatives of power structures.

          The third task - the organization of patronage and support to socially vulnerable students. The Association acts as an information channel to bring up information about the needs of graduates of Alma Mater and as a sponsor, one of the founders of the endowment fund of the KNU.

          The fourth task - implementation of educational projects. Many graduates brilliantly conduct master classes, assembly lectures, share trade secrets with university students.

           Fifth task - to organize the interaction with employers in the framework of the adaptation of the educational process to the labor market requirements. We are ready to see employers as authors and co-authors of the new sought-after courses adapted to the needs of the practice, as well as exclusive items available only at our university.

Mutually beneficial terms of cooperation Al-Farabi Kazakh National University alumni

      From the Al-Farabi Kazakh National University:

1. Publication of books about the best graduates of the Al-Farabi KazNU;
2. The annual output directory graduates Al-Farabi KazNU and spread his employers;
3. Release of the book "Our elite";
4. Gallery at the Museum of Kazakh National University Al-Farabi "Outstanding Graduate";
5. Publication of articles about personal achievements, scientific researches, on the activities of your business in the newspaper "Kazakh university";
6. The image support (information in the media, television programs, etc.);
7. The right to be awarded the badge Al-Farabi KazNU;
8. Assign the honorary title of "Professor of Al-Farabi Kazakh National University ";
9. Additional educational program for graduates;
10. "Public lectures on professional skills";
11. "Job Fair";
12. "Fair for the implementation of scientific projects";
13. Participation in research projects of KazNU scientists;
14. Preferential provide halls of the Palace of students Library. Al-Farabi and power plant for the activities;
15. Volunteering students Al-Farabi KazNU in the organization and conduct of your major events;
16. Placement of articles in the journal "Bulletin of the KazNU," the newspaper "Kazakh university".

      From the graduates of Al-Farabi KazNU:
1. Promote your university;
2. Material and financial and organizational support of the University (sponsorship and participation in the creation of an endowment fund of Kazakh National University named after Al-Farabi, etc...);
4. Participation in the employment of graduates;
5. Help in broadening the base of the professional practice of students;
6. Participation in the various activities University (open days, the holiday "Nauryz", the Day of the graduate and others.)