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Supreme Court Chairman Kairat Mami took part in the Day of the graduates of the Kazakh National University named after al-Farabi

Supreme Court Chairman Kairat Mami took part in the Day

of the graduates of the Kazakh National University named after al-Farabi.

           Almaty KazGUGrad that day met a large army of graduates whose professional achievements are the pride of the KazNU.
Welcoming the participants of the meeting, the president of the Alumni Association of the KazNU (c 2009), K. Mami said that the judicial system in all 11 points of the Plan of the Nation made a timely and qualitatively. From 1 January 2016 the courts operate in the new three-tier system, created a separate trial on investment disputes, the Supreme Court established the International Council of complicated requirements for candidates for judge, and much more. He however said about today gained from your special importance to quality higher education, taking into account the new realities, the task of raising the intellectual potential of society. "Our country needs professionals who possess advanced knowledge, innovative thinking and application skills", - said K. Mami.
           According to the Chairman of the Supreme Court, more than 155 thousand graduates KazNU successfully work for the good of the republic in various fields. One in four of the republic of judges, including 30 judges of the Supreme Court is a graduate of the KazNU. Given the complex and multi-selection in the judiciary, according to K. Mami, it figures show the quality of education and educational work at the university.
           At the end of his speech, graduated from the KazNU 35 years ago, Doctor of Law, Professor K. Mami stressed that all high school graduates to become a kind of social elevator, gave a start in life and the intellectual foundation for the future.
           "You have in front of a large and interesting road full of new achievements and experiences, successes and challenges. I think you are worthy of it will pass, as all you need to do you got in the walls of the KNU. You have to believe in themselves and to attack any height. You just need to constantly work on yourself, be energetic and purposeful "- with these words he turned to today's students.
           On behalf of the Association, he sincerely wished them to become not only literate and competent specialists, but above all, true patriots of Kazakhstan.

A source:
Supreme Court press service

Date of publication: 6/3/2016