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To international accreditation

The Alumni Association is involved in the preparation of the international accreditation of the KNU. The University Accreditation Association Division of 22 February 2016 provided information on 579 graduates working in the university and research institutions of Kazakhstan and foreign countries.

For example, in Almaty Technological University are working on the positions of the teaching staff of 85 graduates of our University, Kazakh State Women's Pedagogical University - 67, in the Kazakh Academy of Sport and Tourism - 38, in the Atyrau Institute of oil and gas - 29, in Kostanai State Pedagogical Institute - 20.

Among the research institutes to date note the Institute of Literature and Art im.M.O.Auezova (34 graduates), Institute of Genetics and Cytology (30), the Institute of Mechanics and Engineering im.U.A.Dzholdasbekova (14), Institute of History and Ethnology. Ch.Ch. (13). Forty-five graduates working in the Central State Museum of Kazakhstan, and in the Museum of. Kasteev - 7. Kazakhstan Institute for Strategic Studies under the President of RK Treasury certificates have 10 research staff. Also emphasize that the above mentioned universities, research institutes and museums led our university graduates.

Date of publication: 2/22/2016