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Arc de Triomphe - a 33 subject, which we are now illuminated at night city

On the first day of the new school year opening ceremony of the Arc de Triomphe students and graduates "Mangilik El". The event was attended by Mayor of Almaty be exist, the rector of the KazNU G.Mutanov, members of the Presidium of the Association of high school graduates, teachers and students, members of the public and the media. Honorary guests of the holiday were prominent public figures and graduates of the KazNU - Executive Secretary of the Ministry of Culture and Sports of Kazakhstan K.Ualiev, O.Suleimenov poet, statesman RK A.Arystanbekova, publisher of «Forbes» A.Baytasov, N.Smagulov available for business men and other patrons .

              "Almaty - gold cradle of our independence, it is a city in which to make important state decisions that determined the vector of successful development of the country. City of apples is created for enabling each person's life. Almaty - the city of the youth energy, new innovations. Kazakh National University. Al-Farabi Kazakh National University has a special place in his development, because every third student in our city is trained in this university. They, along with President Nursultan Nazarbayev take part in building a strong creative Kazakhstan. Arc de Triomphe - 33 is the object which we are now illuminated at night city. This day will go down in history and we are proud of the success of graduates ", - so has congratulated the students and staff of the KazNU Akim Baurzhan Baibek.

              "I congratulate you on this wonderful architectural work and admire the beauty of the triumphal arch, which covers the entire panorama of the KazNU. This is the golden gate to the youth in the world of knowledge, "- shared his impressions of the poet and writer Olzhas Suleimenov.

             The Arc de Triomphe is an important part of the new architectural complex KazGUGrad, symbolizing the national idea of ​​the Head of State, Leader of the Nation Nursultan Nazarbayev "Mangilik El", which will be another hallmark of the city of Almaty, the symbol of science and education.

             "The idea of ​​erecting arch KazGUGrad carried out thanks to the support and voluntary contributions of university graduates. Arc de Triomphe reflects a deep sense of patriotism, prosperity and the strengthening of the country's independence. It was erected in honor of 25 years of independence of Kazakhstan, the 1000th anniversary of the city of Almaty and the highest international achievements penalty ", - said the rector of the Kazakh National University Galym congratulating Mutanov.

             According to the architectural idea the main entrance to the KazNU took shape classic Propileyah arranged in an arc, and bordering the central alley of the University area. Decorative finishing facade Arc de Triomphe in classic style with national motifs and symbols of the KazNU. Propileyah decorated with classical décor and an order represents the origins of science in the ancient world.

             It should be noted that the execution of them. Al-Farabi Kazakh National University is implementing a common policy aimed at creating and improving the appearance of the architectural appearance of the city of Almaty, in matters relating to decoration.

             Arch of students and graduates - is part of a single architectural complex, united by a common idea "Mangilik el." Its constituent elements are the composite arch, al-Farabi monument "Temir Kazyk" and square with a fountain "Taykazan". Plan campus beautification intended to build a central avenue of the university as "the way of science from the past into the future."

Date of publication: 9/1/2016