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On 16 May 2019 N National academy of sciences of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Institute of history and ethnology named after Ch.Ch.Valikhanovof CS of MES RK, «Gylym ordasy» CS of MES RK organizes International scientific-practical conference, dedicated to 90 years of academician Malik-Aydar Khantemirovich Asylbekov on the theme: «Historical personality issues in Kazakhstan: Malik – Aydar Khantemirovich Asylbekov».

President NazarbayevN.A., in his article «The Seven Facets of the Great Steppe»notes that:«Тhe historical process in the mass consciousness is primarily personified». In this regard scientific and creative heritage of academic scientist,who made a huge contribution to the development of science in Kazakhstan should be analyzed and comprehend.

Malik-Aydar Khantemirovich Asylbekov passed a difficult path in life. His working life started as a teacher in seven-year school and marked by gaining higher scientific status Academician of Kazakhstan’s National Academy of Sciences. Throughout his scientific activity, M.-A.Kh.Asylbekov wrote many works highlighting various problems of Kazakh people’s history. Most of them related issues to historical demography and personality, the development of industrialization of Kazakhstan and etc.


Date of publication: 1/25/2019