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Kaznu is my pride

Kaznu is my pride



To study at the most prestigious university KazNU was one of my dreams. From the day of my student day, I began to communicate with other students around me and to be active. So my student life began.

The brightest days of my student day, of course, is connected with the organization "Student Council". Because, from the first year I joined this organization and did not notice how my 4 years passed. In our KazNU there are all conditions for students. From among these all active students for motivation at the end of the school year give gratitude and a degree. This affects students to be more active in public events. When I just came from my village and saw the town of KazNU set myself a great goal - I will finish this educational institution perfectly. Now I can say that this goal is fulfilled.

May 27, 2017 in KazNU held the day of graduates. For us, as graduation students, this day was unforgettable. The reason for this is when I was rescued by a degree in the amount of 100,000 and pronounced the words: "For excellent testimony in studies and active participation in public events, the graduation of the KazNU Alumni Association revives the fourth-year student of the Faculty of Philosophy and Political Science Malikova Bagjan Kazikhanovna" I was in seventh heaven from Happiness.

Such a certificate is issued to the best 14 students of 14 faculties. I am very happy, this gratitude can say that the merit of my 4-year work. Each student of KazNU should know that his university is the most prestigious and that the whole world recognized him. I want to express my great kindness to my faculty, the Rector of KazNU G.Mutanov and the Association of Alumni named after KazNU. Thrive my KazNU.



Malikova Bagzhan


Student of the faculty of philosophy and political science



Date of publication: 6/16/2017