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KazNU is proud of its graduates

KazNU is proud of its graduates



May 27, 2017 in al-Farabi KazNU, on the annual tradition, the day of graduates was held. This special day unites the alumni of KazNU of different years who arrived specially for this celebration from all corners of our vast country.

The day of the graduates of 2017 is especially important for me, because, this year I'm graduating from my native alma mater. And also, for the active contribution to the development of the University, I received a scholarship of the Alumni Association on behalf of the founder of United Media Group, the publisher of Forbes Kazakhstan and the 1992 graduate of KazNU, Armanzhan Baitasov. It is an honor for me to be among the best graduates of this year. I express the immense gratitude of the Alumni Association for the support of the younger generation, for raising the prestige of the University.


Mekesov Shamshinur

Student of the Mechanics and Mathematics Faculty




Date of publication: 6/16/2017