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Moment of fame

I am a graduate student of faculty of Physics and Technology, KazNU named after al-Farabiof 2016-2017 academic year. 
I was awarded a scholarship of Association of graduates of KazNU on the festive event ''Day of KazNU's graduates''.
 In this moment I was feeling so happy. During 4 years, spent at the University, every day I worked hard for the benefit of
 science. And thanks to Association of graduates of KazNU, on May 27, 2017, I got the fruits of my labors.My achievements
 in studies, victories in the Olympiads and the contribution of the scientific development of my faculty were generously 
rewarded by a scholarship from the Associationof KazNU’s graduates.Standing near the stage, when I was expecting my turn 
for rewarding, I was worried not less than I was exactly 4 years ago, waiting for the results of a competition of educational
 grants.So, they give me the certificate of the best graduate of the Faculty of Physics and Technology, this became my moment
 of fame within the walls of my university. I am thankful to the Association of graduates of KazNU for the event which inspired
 me on new victories and achievements. KazNU is a brand of higher education, territory of new opportunities and alma-mater 
of brilliant people. And now, KazNU has become my alma-mater for what I feel the greatest pride and responsibility. 
At that moment, I, Zhunisbek Aigazy Duisebayuly, do solemnly swear that I will gracefully bear the name of the graduate 
of KazNU!


Zhunisbek  Aigazy
Student of the  faculty of physics and technology




Date of publication: 6/16/2017