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The best of the best

No wonder they say that the most fun and unforgettable time in life is the student's years. Become a student, remember all the colors of student life, work according to the level of the university, in my opinion, the responsibilities of each student. For the first time when I entered the journalism department of the Al-Farabi Kazakh National University, I realized that the national higher education institution allocated a great deal of attention to national values, that there were different competitions of scientific works that broadened your horizons, I learned that the university had a lot of different electives and Section and I immediately began to develop my abilities, as a leading one. In a few days I will be a graduate of my university. For the fourth consecutive year I have been developing in different directions. Making a report for each year, I always thought about what kind of reward I brought to my faculty. And today I'm inspired! Because in the National University on the last Saturday of May a traditional graduates' ball was held. According to the decision of the alumni association of KazNU, the best students from all faculties were selected, and for my best performance in studies and for the special contribution to the development of the university I became the holder of scholarships. I was glad that from the current graduates of my faculty I was honored to be the best, I even shed a tear when I received a scholarship with the best students of 14 faculties.

This year, about 2000 students will graduate. To be a graduate of KazNU - for me it is a supreme honor, pride. A small town in a big city taught me a lot in this life.

A big thank you to the student Association Treasury, for the faith in youth for the support in the fundamental development, also for the presented opportunity.

I believe that the bright future of Kazakhstan is in hands of youth!


Zhanserikova Nazken

Student of the faculty of journalism



Date of publication: 6/16/2017