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Criteria for the personalities of alumni of KazNU


Criteria for the personalities of alumni of KazNU,

Recommended for inclusion in the book "Our Elite"


1. State and public figures

- Leaders and members of the supreme legislative (Parliament), executive (government) and judicial (Supreme Court, Constitutional Court) bodies of the Republic of Kazakhstan;

- Special representatives of international organizations and intergovernmental entities (UN, UNESCO, IAEA, World Bank, NATO, CIS, etc.);

- Akims of cities and regions of the Republic of Kazakhstan;

- Political figures of international, state scale, whose concrete actions had a significant impact on the life of the country or the world;

- Heads of independent diplomatic missions of Kazakhstan in other states and major international organizations, diplomats in the rank of Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary or similar higher diplomatic rank;


2. Scientists, technicians and educators

- Scientists holding senior and senior advisory positions in professional associations and scientific societies nationwide or internationally;

- Laureates of the Nobel Prize, famous international and state prizes in their field;

- Rectors of higher educational institutions, established more than 10 years ago, having state accreditation;

- Heads of branch institutes of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan;

- Chief editors of the largest international and national scientific periodicals, book series;

- Scientists are authors of inventions and discoveries that are of cardinal importance for the development of a particular sphere of production, service or consumption;


Entrepreneurs and managers

- Founders, long-term executives of large companies;

- Managers of the top level of system-forming enterprises and monopolists in a large branch of the economy on a national scale;



Artists and Cultures

- Famous figures of show business (including model business and fashion industry) and mass art (popular cinema, pop music, mass literature, etc.), widely known, whose contribution is appreciated by high state awards and the most significant, authoritative And prestigious professional awards;

 - Authors of architectural, sculptural and other landscape works that play an essential role in the formation of the landscape environment of the most significant cities;



- Winners and prizewinners of the Olympic and Paralympic Games;

- Champions of the World and Asia in all sports;



- Heads of major republican media;

- Famous commentators and presenters, holders of the most prestigious professional awards;


Military and law enforcement personnel

- The top leaders of the army or other law enforcement agencies of the state.

Date of publication: 5/31/2017