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The most happiest day of my life

The most happiest day of my life


May 28 this year, according to tradition Alma-Mater, the Kazakh National University gathered thousands of graduates of different years on the Day of the graduate. This day I remember all my life: since I became a graduate of the prestigious university of the country. In addition, I expect another nice event, I became the owner of scholarship  KazNU Alumni Association in the amount of 100 000 tenge. I am extremely happy that the best years of his life devoted to the student government.  As the fruits of social labor, I was awarded a graduate of my own department, Olzhas Suleimenov himself on the big stage of the Palace of students from all 13 best graduates 2016. I express my deep gratitude to the leadership of the University, Alumni Association of KazNU for giving me this opportunity and all the teachers of my alma mater for the trust.


Burlibayeva Shugyla,

Department of Geography and Environmental Sciences



Date of publication: 6/8/2016