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Стипендии юристов

Lawyers Scholarships

In 1996, on behalf of the Faculty of Law Alumni Alumni Day celebration of  KazNU, the grant of 100 000 tenge was presented to the following students and undergraduates of five faculties:

Absattarov Kuanysh - student 1 Course faculty of Geography and Nature
Alymova Saule - student 2-year law faculty
Anuar Beksultankozha - 3-course student of Mechanics and Mathematics Faculty
Anuar Gylymkozha - 3-course student of the Higher School of Economics and Business
Anuarova Gauhar - student 2 courses of the Faculty of Geography and Nature
Anuarova Zulhiya - 2-course undergraduate of 2 Faculty of History, Archeology and Ethnology
Daubasov Yerasyl Ermahanuly - student 1 Course faculty of law
Jamal Ismail Bakytkyzy - student 2-year law faculty
Tіleuzhanov Adilet Bauyrzhanuly - student 1 Course faculty of law
Shynzhyrhan Maral Ganikyzy - 1 student-faculty course of history, archeology and ethnology.

Date of publication: 6/2/2016