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Заслуженные награды Альма-Матер


Deserved awards Alma Mater



May 28, 2016, the traditional Day of graduates Al-Farabi Kazakh National University.
The grand meeting in the Palace of students opened with a welcoming speech Rector of the Kazakh National University. Al-Farabi Kazakh National University, Academician Galymkair Mutanovich Mutanov.
Medals KazNU received:
Kalimoldaev Nuradil Ashimbaevich - a graduate of the Geological and Soil Science 1954;
Balgabaev Sultanali Bazarbaevich - deputy chairman of the World Association of Kazakhs, known obschetvenny activist, playwright, journalist, teacher, professor, graduate of the Faculty of Journalism of the year 1971;
Katranova Zelina Ganievna - General director of "Eastern Ore Mining", a graduate of the Faculty of Chemistry 1981;
Rakhimov Sarinovich Bauyrzhan - a member of the Board of Almaty City Bar, a graduate of the Faculty of Law in 1981
Nuketaeva Dinar Zhusupalievna - KazGosZhenUniversiteta rector, professor, graduate of the Faculty of Chemistry in 1985.
With gratitude to the Alma Mater performed Dinar Zhusupalievna Nuketaeva.

Date of publication: 5/31/2016