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Monuments of Mangistau and Ustyurt nomads


The book-album "Monuments Mankystau and Ustyurt" prepared for publication a graduate of historical faculty of Kazakh State University in 1975, now a doctor of historical sciences, professor Serik Azhigali. It is specialized in ethnology and archeology, architectural history, worked as head of department at the Institute of History and Ethnology. CC Valikhanov MES Science Committee.

 The book-album is the culmination of years of research (since 1978) in the remote areas of the Aral-Caspian region. This is a general presentation of scientific and richly illustrated publication devoted to unique monuments of folk architecture Mankystau peninsula and Ustyurt plateau, which, according to the author, is a "national pride of the Kazakh people and the enduring heritage of the steppe of Eurasia."
The book was prepared on the principles of fundamental validity, it consists of 12 sections, which in a popular manner, clearly describes the nature, history and culture of the original region, about the features of the memorial complex, and all kinds of architectural antiquities Mankystau and Ustyurt II millennium AD.

Special chapters are devoted to certain categories of publications monuments: mosques, mausoleums, and saganatamam tortkulakam, steles-kulpytasy, headstones, sandyktasam; as well as information-processing decorative, art, architects, stonecutters.

Each section consists of a large part of the text and illustrations of a number - about 600 photos and drawings. An important part of the publication is in the application form for the first time compiled a complete map of the region and index sites. The book is accompanied by a glossary and bibliography.

Photographic images made at different times as the author himself, and the other photographers. Text edition is presented in an accessible style, shaped in the Kazakh, Russian and English languages.

Its access to the publishing house "Oner" has been made possible with the support of akimat of Mangistau region.

Date of publication: 2/23/2016