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I was lucky with the hero of the book!

            With these words, he began his brilliant performance in the KazNU, a graduate of the Faculty of Journalism, a famous writer, poet, translator, essayist Adolf Artsishevsky at the presentation of the documentary novel-essay "Bigeldy Gabdullin: the right to confession."
            To a separate book was written about the man, he must be fate. Bigeldy Gabdullin done twice in the Kazakh State University, first at the Mechanics and Mathematics Faculty, then the Faculty of Journalism. Today, Kazakhstan's media space can not be imagined without the Bigeldy Kayrdosovich. This view was, I think, agree all those present in the library of al-Farabi: professors and graduates, and graduate students, staff and guests KazGUGrad.
            Emotional was the appearance of General Aitkali Isengulov who helped in February 2001 Bigeldy escape into exile. For many, the news was that Aitkali Gusmanovich also ended KazNU, but the Faculty of History.
            Professionally evaluate the merits of the book and the author of the work of Adolf Arciszewski doctor of philological sciences, professor, graduate KazNU Arstan Zhaksylykov. He reminded that Adolf Alfonsovich was the editor of the book of Olzhas Suleimenov "Az i Ya" and then hit. Only in recent years, he has published 26 books. "You have written a book eternal", - concluded Aslan Zhamelovich.
            Then the moderator of the meeting, the rector of Kazakh National University, Academician Galymkair Mutanov translated in meeting mode "Unscheduled". And sprinkle with questions! Most of all they asked, of course, our students. And it's great! Each received a detailed, but at the same time, the short answer Bigeldy Kayrdosovich and Adolf Alfonsovich. As confessed author of the novel-essay: "We became like brothers, the deepest trust in me was from Bigeldy". Bigeldy Kayrdosovich stressed that all his life he learns from the best journalists, including Russia, the United States, so today his newspaper «Central Asia Monitor» - is a competition in Kazakhstan. "We do not forget about the educational function of journalism." His final speech at the podium was with words of gratitude alma mater, teachers, KazGU's students his youth. There were names of many, many who left in his life and his heart, bright place to support it, strengthen his faith by substituting a friendly shoulder.
            For a long time the students did not disperse. And the autographs of our guests - also on the memory of this wonderful meeting with encyclopedic gifted graduates of our university.

Kulgazira Baltabaeva

Date of publication: 2/22/2016