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May 28, 2016 - Day of graduates KazNU

          May 28, 2016 in KazGUGrad, in the Palace of students named after O.A. Dzholdasbekov will be held Day on university-wide graduate. From 9 am - gathering in the main square KazGUGrad.

          For the first time in the history of Kazakh National university-wide graduate Day on 28 May 2011 at the initiative of the rector, academician Galymkair Mutanovich Mutanov. Since then, the festival is celebrated annually on the last Saturday in May in the Palace of students  named afte O.A.Dzholdasbekov. This initiative was widely supported. Living in different cities of Kazakhstan or abroad, our students always remember - they share traditions of fraternity.

          The project is conducted honoring patrons who have made voluntary bank deposit in the KazNU of the endowment fund. From the stage of the Palace of students graduates share their professional success, is awarded to students scholarships, gifts faculties and departments. Traditionally, a gala concert with the participation of graduates. After lunch at the faculties also held a meeting with graduates of a separate program. The holiday ends with an evening ball graduates, which will be held in the foyer of the 4th floor al-Farabi library. 

          The project aims to preserve the traditions of the university and faculties, the education of the students' respect for their chosen profession.

This year for the first time graduates can be ordered for May 27 (or the next day) photoshoot (photographer: Marat Kenesovich 87013145910) in KazGUGrad.

Proposals for program graduates Day coordinators send faculties. Their e-mail addresses and telephone numbers are available on http://av.kaznu.kz/ru/22914/

Alumni Association Contact: 87273773360, WhatsApp +77073418398.

Date of publication: 1/1/2014