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Dear Takhirzhan Tursunovich!

          We express our gratitude for your real support in the implementation of the project of construction of the architectural complex "Мәңгілік ел" in KazGUGrad! Your generous contribution we set an example to other alumni! You are supported by all the events dedicated to the 75th anniversary and the 80th anniversary of our Alma Mater, in the edition of the book "Біздің элита. Our elite" in the construction of the monument to the rector Umirbek Arislanovich Dzholdasbekov. Every year you are arriving from London on the day of graduates, with gratitude remembering their teachers and fellow students. And this year marks the 30th anniversary of the end of the search of the Kazakh National University. Congratulations to you and wait for you and your classmates to celebrate the graduates of 28 May!
          We wish you good health, family happiness, success in business!

          Sincerely and on behalf of the Directorate of the Association of graduates Treasury Kulgazira Baltabaeva