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Zhakyp Asanov told what task the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan put to him

"Most importantly, the Head of State set a task for us, in particular, in front of me. There is one very important and great value - it is people's trust, the trust of our society, the trust of our citizens. To solve this problem, I will apply all my strength, all knowledge. I gave this promise to the deputies. It is a great happiness to serve our people, it is a great honor. I understand very well what a high responsibility it is. Therefore, I promise to work, putting all my strength, "said J.Asanov.

Answering journalists' questions, Asanov assured that he will also ensure openness and transparency in the work of the department in the new position of the chairman of the Supreme Court. The judicial system is digitizing the criminal process, which will increase the security of citizens. The same is planned to be introduced during the consideration of administrative cases.

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Date of publication: 1/1/2017