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The program of the Day of al-Farabi KazNU alumni’s

10.00. Gathering at the Triomphe arch students and alumnus of KazNU "Mangilik El".

10.00-10.15 Presentation of the Center for green technology


10.15-10.30 Planting trees in the alley EXPO-2017


10.30-10.45 Floral offering to the monument of al-Farabi and the monument of         U. A. Dzholdasbekov


11.00-12.00 Grand meeting with participation of graduates of al-Farabi KazNU in the Palace of students U. A. Dzholdasbekov


12.00-12.55 Gala concert of the team of students and graduates of al-Farabi KazNU


15.00-18.00 The Day's program graduates in the faculties



19.00-21.00 An evening homecoming of the graduates 2017 y.  in the library of al-Farabi

Date of publication: 1/1/2014